Our Vision

To build a gender just society where girls and boys, women and men are equally valued and have equal chances to a life of dignity.

Our Mission

  • To bring together stakeholders from diverse fields to collectively fight against declining CSR and create an enabling environment for women and girls by challenging deep-rooted patriarchy.
  • To raise the accountability of the state machinery to implement all gender related laws and policies in the country.


To arrest the decline in the number of girls; and develop positive attitudes, policies and practices with regard to them.


Using a comprehensive, multi-layered and multi-pronged approach, the initiative has four key objectives:

  • Challenge patriarchy and its manifestations in government policies, programmes and schemes to ensure equal opportunities for women and girls.
  • Ensure effective and accountable implementation of the PCPNDT Act.
  • Ensure that declining child sex ratio is a critical agenda of the public domain through proactive engagement with influential social and political formations, and
  • Strengthen and build coalitions with civil society networks and alliances.


  • An inclusive space with certain non-negotiable.
  • A platform approach - openness to different ideas.
  • Move towards building alliances and networks.
  • Reach out to new actors leading to expansion.
  • Decentralization as core value of the coalition.
  • Adapt a multilayered and multipronged strategy.
  • Willingness to work under the leadership of others and adding our voice to existing campaigns.
  • Confront and engage.
  • Build partnerships with government.


  • No compromise on the sexual and reproductive rights of women.
  • No compromise on safe and legal abortion.
  • No interaction that deepens and reinforces patriarchy directly or indirectly.
  • No use of terminologies that comprise women’s access to safe and legal abortion.
  • Exercising caution in working with religious and spiritual leaders.