Our Structure

Secretariat is a National Convergence Point which has been set up in Delhi to support, coordinate and facilitate different ideas and initiatives across the country. This is the engine of the initiative and handles matters related to research, media and communication, community mobilization and outreach plus advocacy and operational matters.

Steering Group comprises of 19 members giving ownership to civil society. Members include subject matter specialists, activists, gender experts as well as people unconnected with the specific issue but skilled in conducting campaigns and bringing new energies. It takes policy decisions of the initiative, steering it by working out the yearly plan of action, raising resources and overseeing operational matters. It is also in-charge of the programmatic component deciding on its course and content, ensuring that it is in line with the core principles of the initiative.

Action Group on PCPNDT includes 11 civil society representatives. They are charged with working out the strategy and the action plan following an exchange of ideas and views coming up with concrete actions to be taken. It concentrates on raising accountability; extending support to government initiatives to achieve its objectives; monitoring and evaluation of initiatives in terms of their achievement; and inviting collaboration.

Action Group on Patriarchy works out the strategy and action plan on initiatives focusing on countering daughter aversion and son preference. It includes policy analysis, identifying gaps with regard to issues related to inheritance laws and women’s ownership of land and property and access to housing. It comprises of 6 members.