Challenge Patriarchy

Girls Count through its programme aims to address all aspects of the declining child sex ratio and build its linkages with other structural and thematic issues. The coalition further intends to create an open and common platform to broaden the ambit of the discourse and include new voices from diverse fields.

Girls Count aims to challenge patriarchy by ensuring women’s access to equal citizenship rights and its manifestations in government policies and schemes. We are focusing on the state’s role in ensuring effective implementation of existing laws for women’s right to housing and thereby ensure women’s access, control and ownership. The process for mobilizing groups working on inheritance, land and property rights has been started. The coalition also intends to identify and highlight the patriarchal elements of the government schemes, programs, policies and laws; and revising them through public advocacy and media campaigning. Girls Count is also strengthening the existing campaigns and initiatives for safety and security of women by adding its voice and energies with them.

Coalition Partners