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Urging Hon’ble President of India to take action against Gender-Biased Sex Selection

The Child Sex Ratio (CSR) in the age group of 0-6 years has been on rapid decline since 1981 in India, indicating a continued discrimination against the girl child. In 2001 Census, the child sex ratio stood at 927 girls for every 1000 boys in the country, which dropped to 918 girls by 2011. Skewed sex ratio can have far-reaching adverse social consequences. Evidence from regions with sex ratio imbalances indicate that it contributes to increased violence against women, trafficking, increase in practices such as polyandry, oppressive and limiting gender norms and increase in crimes.

Girls Count wants to collect the signatures of the masses and urge Hon'ble President Sh. Pranab Mukherjee to intervene in this matter and advise all the states/UTs and the Union of India to take stringent and timely action for violations committed under the PCPNDT Act.

We are urging the President of India to,

  1. Issue a memo to the Governors and Chief Ministers of all the states/UTs to show their ‘administrative’ and ‘political’ will to stop sex selection and take stringent action against any person involved in violating the PCPNDT Act.
  2. Direct the Medical Council of India (MCI) to regulate sex selection and take stringent action against any medical doctor found to be involved in communicating the sex of foetus.
  3. Advise the judiciaries to expedite the prosecution under the PCPNDT Act. At present, there are over 1,900 cases (ranging from non-registration, poor record keeping to communication of sex) filed in different courts of law in the country.
  4. Direct the Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India not to allow companies to do online advertisement about sex selection. Any kind of advertisements about sex selection is strictly prohibited and is punishable under the PCPNDT Act.
  5. Advise the concerned Ministries to strengthen implementation of laws concerning women and girls and enact laws that tackle their subordination which gives rise to practices such as gender-biased sex selection.
  6. Issue guidelines to develop schemes that enhance the ability of girls to be self-reliant, and their empowerment including asset ownership, skill building, credit availability, safety and security among others.
  7. Issue guidelines to the concerned Ministry to strengthen civil registration so that accurate birth data is more readily available across districts to enable monitoring of trends in sex ratio at birth.


We will request a meeting with the President of India as soon as we will gather 10,000 signatures and present him our petition.

We need your voice and support. Sign this petition to urge the President of India to act against gender-biased sex selection.

Join us to Challenge Patriarchy l Stop Sex Selection.

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